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Rory Sutherland on work

Legendary ad man Rory Sutherland explains that we’ve not changed anything with work – and his clear vision of what work could be. Star episode.

Adam Grant - The Case for Optimism

Adam is author of books like Give and Take, Option B, Originals, he’s also the host of a chart topping podcast on work culture called Work Life with TED. Adam Grant has been Wharton’s top-rated professor for seven straight years – his books have told over a million copies .

Architecture of work

Bjarke Ingels is the world’s greatest living architect. But how does he think about buildings  as a place to work?

High pressure teams

Mark de Rond spent months embedded with a Boat Race crew and a hospital in Camp Bastion to understand the way that high pressure teams work best.

Work culture - follow the data

The work from MIT pioneered by Sandy Pentland gave us the greatest insight into what *really* happens in our workplaces. Now Ben Waber gives an enthralling case for what we should do to make our jobs more productive.

The Secret of Creativity

Alex Pentland pioneered ‘social physics’ an insightful way to understand what really happens in modern offices.

The Netflix Culture Document

Patty McCord helped write ‘the most important document to come out of Silicon Valley’ but what did it say, and was it really a force for good?

Why open plan is a mistake

Andre Spicer explains the pitfalls of modern work and why we’re thinking about our jobs all wrong

The New Work Manifesto

Across hours of interviews there has been a massive collection of evidence. Here for the first time Bruce sits down with co-creator Sue Todd to discuss the New Work Manifesto, 8 changes that we can all make to improve our jobs.

The Good Work Strategy

Zeynep Ton explains that having a positive culture is the only sustainable strategy for maximum profits in retail.

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Psychological Safety in The Fearless Organisation2019/03/02Uncategorized2019-03-02 17:28:28
Digital Minimalism2019/01/28Uncategorized2019-01-28 02:54:19
Is This The Dark Matter of Workplace Culture?2018/12/03Creativity, Culture, New Work Manifesto2018-12-03 20:46:22
Seth Godin2018/12/03Autonomy, Creativity, Culture, Purpose, The Future of Work2018-12-03 13:12:19
Inside the culture in hospitals – Adam Kay2018/12/02Mental Health, Pressure, Teams2018-12-02 13:21:31
The Good Jobs Strategy2018/10/06Culture, Managers, Mental Health2018-10-06 19:10:01
Adam Grant – ‘the case for optimism’2018/09/29Autonomy, Creativity, Culture, Managers, Purpose, The Future of Work2018-09-29 20:00:39
The New Work Manifesto2018/09/23Autonomy, Creativity, Culture, New Work Manifesto, Pressure2018-09-23 22:05:10
Work culture… follow the data2018/09/23Creativity, Culture, The Future of Work2018-09-23 21:57:42
Happiness first and then success?2018/09/23Culture, Teams2018-09-23 21:51:44
Beating burnout2018/09/23Mental Health, Pressure2018-09-23 21:43:54
Culture – The Innocent Story2018/09/23Creativity, Culture2018-09-23 21:41:38
Bjarke Ingels – Cultural Architect2018/09/23Creativity, New Work Manifesto2018-09-23 14:55:38
Alive at Work2018/09/23Creativity, Culture2018-09-23 00:02:55
The Innocent Smoothie Story2018/09/22Creativity, Culture, New Work Manifesto2018-09-22 23:54:56
Are the robots taking over?2018/09/22Managers, The Future of Work2018-09-22 23:53:55
Dan Pink on the Secret of Drive2018/09/22Autonomy, Creativity, Managers, Purpose2018-09-22 23:47:51
Is Deep Work the Solution?2018/09/22Autonomy, Time Management2018-09-22 23:43:49
Designing great culture2018/09/22Creativity, Culture2018-09-22 23:39:39
#MeToo and Work2018/09/22Culture, Diversity, Managers2018-09-22 23:34:29
The Collective Intelligence of Teams2018/09/22Creativity, Culture, Managers2018-09-22 23:28:47
Cracking the secret of… when2018/09/22Autonomy, Creativity, Purpose, Time Management2018-09-22 23:23:14
Rituals, Emotions and food2018/09/22Culture, Teams2018-09-22 23:20:18
Bringing Laughter Back to Work2018/09/22Creativity, Culture, Teams2018-09-22 23:16:16
The Culture Code – the best culture book of 20182018/09/22Creativity, Culture, Purpose2018-09-22 23:10:02
Podcast2018/09/22New Work Manifesto2018-09-22 23:06:12
Improving work with side hustles2018/09/22Autonomy, Creativity2018-09-22 22:57:04
Improving work with play2018/09/21Creativity, Teams2018-09-21 23:56:31
Honey I Hacked My Job2018/09/21Creativity, Pressure2018-09-21 23:39:44
Reboot your career2018/09/21Creativity, Teams2018-09-21 23:30:59
Rory Sutherland on work culture2018/09/21Creativity, Time Management2018-09-21 22:56:02
The Surprising Secret of Workplace Creativity2018/09/21Creativity, Teams2018-09-21 22:32:36
The Culture of Teams2018/09/21Pressure, Teams2018-09-21 22:10:25
Rest – the importance of downtime2018/09/21New Work Manifesto, Time Management2018-09-21 20:50:08
The Results Only Work Environment2018/09/21Time Management2018-09-21 20:43:44
The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working2018/09/21Pressure, Time Management2018-09-21 20:41:23
How Harry Styles Can Solve Diversity in Tech2018/09/21Creativity, Diversity2018-09-21 20:28:24
Finding Happiness Through Breaks2018/09/21Creativity, Time Management2018-09-21 20:25:13
Lean In – 3 Perspectives2018/09/21Diversity, New Work Manifesto2018-09-21 20:21:16
Friends and Flow2018/09/21Creativity, Teams2018-09-21 20:17:17
Radical Honesty2018/09/21Managers, Straight talk2018-09-21 20:07:56
Diversity Deception2018/09/21Diversity2018-09-21 19:43:37
Why Your Open Plan Office is a Mistake2018/09/21New Work Manifesto, Teams2018-09-21 19:28:53
2017 in Review2018/09/21New Work Manifesto2018-09-21 19:11:58
Uber – When Cultures Go Bad2018/09/21Diversity, New Work Manifesto2018-09-21 19:10:31
The Netflix Culture Document2018/09/21Pressure, Time Management2018-09-21 18:44:58
Inside the brain2018/09/21Creativity, Pressure2018-09-21 15:48:38
A Good Day at Work – Sir Cary Cooper2018/09/21New Work Manifesto, Pressure, Teams2018-09-21 15:47:24
Thought Leaders 1: Tom Goodwin2018/09/21Creativity2018-09-21 15:45:32
Being More Pirate2018/09/21Creativity2018-09-21 15:41:56
Thought Leaders 2: Chris Barez Brown2018/09/21Creativity, Managers2018-09-21 15:41:18
Bad Bosses2018/09/21Managers, Pressure2018-09-21 15:39:48
Does Company Culture Exist?2018/09/21Culture, Managers2018-09-21 15:33:45
Mental Health & Work – Emily Reynolds2018/09/21Mental Health, Pressure2018-09-21 15:33:11
Bringing Purpose & Autonomy to Work2018/09/21Autonomy, Purpose2018-09-21 13:48:27
Testing the New Work Manifesto2018/09/20New Work Manifesto2018-09-20 16:56:20
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