Lesson Plans

TED Talks & videos

‘Lesson plans’ sounds really serious – but these are some easy to use pieces to act as conversation starters with your team. Sometimes a video can be a better thing to get everyone to consume than a book. Here are 9 videos that can start a discussion about each of themes shown. 

Down the page are some articles to share.

Changing the dynamics of safety in your team

Building a psychologically safe workplace – Amy Edmondson

The marshmellow challenge – don’t show video to your team before you watch it and try the game out with them.

Build a Tower, Build a Team – Tom Wujec

Why you should ban phones in meetings

How to build (and rebuild) trust – Frances Frei. Frances was the business school professor who was invited in by Uber to fix their culture in 2017. Here she explains what she observed and the actions she tried to take to fix things.

Belonging and friendship at work

All you need is love… at work? – Sigale Barsade (Freedom at Work talk). The work of Barsade is fabulous for giving us a perspective on what really happens at work. There are companies that tell us that feeling a fondness for our colleagues isn’t important – Barsade’s evidence disputes that. She says that feeling a love for the people we work with is important and is observed in the best teams.

More about chat in the office

Ben Waber – Using analytics to measure interactions in the workplace. The show when I talk to Ben was one of my favourite episodes. Here Ben gives a presentation showing some of the data that he discussed. The work of Ben – and his company Humanyze – are showing the way for the future of work. 

This Brian Eno presentation was recommended to me by former guest Andy Puleston. Eno’s discussion about ‘sync’ really set me off emploring the impact of this sync on modern workplaces – and really inspired a lot of the content of the Joy of Work. While Eno’s lecture isn’t directly about work his discussion about how we humans connect with one another is a stimulating provocation and relevant to everyone in an office.

The power of chat in the office

Sandy Pentland: “Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread” – Talks at Google March 2014

Changing meetings

Want to be more creative? Go for a walk – Marily Oprezzo

Reducing our dependency on our phones – and being online all the time Leslie Perlow, author of Sleeping With Your Smartphone discusses her work trying to push back against our phones. Even in the firms where the line of home and work lives had been blurred she found it was possible for us to restore a better equilibrium.

How empty space is what leads to creative ideas How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas – Manoush Zomorodi explains that our most creative ideas don’t come from moments when we’re intensely focussed on work but rather when our brain has moments to wander and drift.