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Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a podcast that helps answer the question ‘how can we be happier at work?’

A lot of people talk about work culture. Culture discussions are often used by companies as a way to market themselves to potential employees. ‘We might be burning our workers out by pushing them unsustainably hard but if we bring in a massage room and some smoothies it’ll help us market to new recruits’.

So over the course of this series of podcasts we attempt to cut out the subjective opinion and explore the facts. You won’t hear many companies PRing what they do but you will hear evidence and research about re-inventing a happier world of work.

Listen to the shows in any order – they all stand alone.

The show is hosted by Bruce Daisley. Bruce is European VP for Twitter, he previously worked at Google amongst other places. (Beware: he tweets mainly about pop music and politics)

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